Interview with Sitaux: the next Top Ten?

Finally, I had the pleasure of interviewing (by chat) one of my favorite players. Sitaux, a relatively new player in the Age of Empires II scene, has been gaining more and more fame and level, showing that in a not too distant future, he can become one of the best players in the world.  I managed to contact him a few days ago, and the young French promise answered some questions about the game, the tournaments and how he sees the future of the Age of Empires universe.

(Patito) – First, I’d like to ask you your name, your age, and why you chose “Sitaux” as your nickname.
(Sitaux) – My name is Arthur Alauzen, and I am 20 years old. The pseudonym Sitaux does not have a glorious history since it is a pseudonym that I chose almost by chance when I had to register in a site, and I came up with the name “Sitaux”

-¿How it was your first contact with Age of Empires? When did you start playing online and when did you discover that you could become one of the best players in the world (or at least in France)?
-My first contact with Age of Empires was when I was very young, my neighbor (who is older than me) played it and showed me the game, but at that time I did not like video games . Then, at the age of 15 (2015) a video tutorial about Age of Empires appeared in my youtube news channel, so I decided to take out the old CD cover in dust that my friend next door gave me and I started playing against the A.I.; following the youtube videos in the game, then I tried the multiplayer in voobly (early 2015). I played a lot of games with my friends in the game in a very small laptop with a bad resolution in which I played without mouse, that is, using the touchpad and then changing computers 2 years later and using a mouse I went up to 19++ directly in 1v1s (in 2017), so I understood that I had a potential to progress in the game. Then I moved, alone, to my apartment, to continue with my studies at the end of 2017, just after the Nations Cup. Playing against big teams at TG I progressed a lot as a team player. Never having really tried to move up in the rankings, and playing just for fun I reached 2380 in 1v1 in vooblye. At that moment I really understood that by motivating myself to progress and do more 1v1 I could perhaps beat the best. The Definitive Edition arrived and with the “hype” of the game and the great French tournaments organized by the big streamers I decided to invest more of my time in Age of Empires with the goal of being the best.

-What are your favorite civilization and map, and what civilization and map do you dislike and why?
-My favorite civilization are the Mayan/Chinese because I love archers and civilizations that pass the ages quickly, as I am a very aggressive player. I like to play mixed maps, with a mix of land and water battles: cross, Baltic…
I do not like the Turks because they are bad on all maps and Arena seems a boring map to me.

-Next month we will have a big update. What would you like this update to bring, in relation to stability, matching, balance of civilizations, new implementations, etc.?
-For the next patch I would like to see a nerf of the combat elephants in TG, maybe give them less attack as they are very resistant. I would like to see the disconnections of TG solved. In regard to the “random civ” option, I think some civs should come out only as flank or pocket, in order to avoid civ wins and make this option more fair.

-When you say that the combat elephants are too powerful, do you think all the elephants are OP, or is it mainly a problem with the Khmer? Because normally we don’t see many Burmese, Vietnamese or Malaysian elephants…
-I refer mainly to the Khmer elephants, but in late game, any battle elephant is too powerfulbecause they are too efficient in terms of population, compared to other units.

-Do you think there are still too powerful or too weak civilizations in the game? What changes would you make to balance them out?
-The only civilization too weak for my taste are the Turks, they really don’t have anything good on any map, an economic bonus would suit them.
Otherwise, no civilization is too strong, it depends on the situation.

-This year we had many different tournaments: KoD 3 (1v1 Arabia), Clown Cup (1v1 Arena), Ornlu’s Nomad Cup (4v4 Nomad), Battle of Africa 2 (3v3, with different maps) NAC 3 (1v1, with different maps) and so on. In your opinion, is it good to have so much diversity in the format of the tournaments, or would you prefer a more standardized format?
-I find the variety of tournaments very interesting, the game is 20 years old and the change still makes it exciting. For example, I love the Empire wars mode.

-How do you see the future of Age Of Empires II? Do you think the game can become an Esport the size of Fornite, League of Legends or CS:GO?
-I believe that Age of Empires will continue to progress but will never become an Esport like CSGO, the game is unfortunately much less accessible to casual players, but I am hopeful that Age of Empires IV can change this.

-If we take the KoD3 and 1v1 rankings as a reference, you are the thirty-fifth best player in the world. In your opinion, what is the difference between you and the player who is in the last positions of the top 100?
-The difference between a top 100 player and me? It’s hard to say, it depends a lot on the person in front of you but I would say it’s a difference of multitasking and adaptation, many good players repeat their game as if it was an invariable recipe, while I manage to create my own recipe.

-And what do you think you need to improve to reach the level of The Viper, Hera, Liereyy, Mr_yo, etc..
-To reach the level of TOP players like TheViper I need more playing time and therefore more experience, in some situations I don’t make the best decision when it is instinctive for them. Also learn to calm down and think more about the game. To play more calmly to sum up.

-What advice would you give beginners (up to 1000 1v1 Elo), what advice would you give intermediate players (up to 1350/1400 1v1 Elo) and what advice would you give advanced players (up to 1700 1v1 Elo)?

  • For the beginner players I advise them to learn to understand the economy without wanting to recite the building orders by heart. Analyzing your own games is also very important at this level to really understand the game and all the decisions to be made, in short to ask the right questions to win.
  • For intermediate players the best solution is to follow good but accessible players in terms of skill, an intermediate watching Hera play with 400 APM will never be able to reproduce the same thing, while watching a player just a little stronger than him will give him an attainable goal and improve his game in decisions instead of trying to improve an unbeatable point (speed).
  • For advanced players: play and replay by analyzing your own games, any 1700 player can still make a lot of progress if he gives himself the means and progresses in the right way.

Whatever the level, I advise everyone to look for a playmate of similar level and to play communicating by voice, which will allow to have the point of view of the opponent and to be able to discuss the mistakes of the game.

Finally, a little ping-pong. Please choose one option from each question
¿Pocket o Flank? Pocket
¿Open map or close map? Open, for sure.
¿Britons o ethiopians? Ethiopians, to micro like crazy (I love to micro those machine guns)
¿Franks or lithuanians?
Franks without hesitation, I support my country 😛 .No, seriously, Franks for their speed
¿Archer or Cavalry?
Cavalry in TG, archers in 1v1, but let”s say archers!
¿1 TC push o 3TC Boom? 
1 TC Push, the opponent must die!


An interesting player without a doubt, the young Sitaux. For those who wish, you can see the profile of this great player by clicking here. You can also follow him on Youtube and Twich. Finally, if you want to read the original interview in French, you can click here.


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