How to play on Deep Waters

What is Deep Waters tournaments and How to start playing?

Deep Waters is a gaming platform that allows players to compete in Age of Empires tournaments. This platform supports a vast range of ELO ratings, so no matter what your standard, you will find a great tournament to challenge your particular skills.

What Deep Waters offers

  1. Competitive tournaments 1vs1.
  2. Competitive team tournaments.
  3. Scaled prizes.
  4. Administrator supervision of all tournaments.
  5. Tournament streaming on our Youtube and Twitch channels.

What you need to start competing on DW

First, you need to get a subscription. Costing less than $1 a month, this allows you unlimited access to our free monthly tournaments, plus you get the option to enter pay-for tournaments with the chance to win bigger prizes.

How to create an account?

  1. Go to subscriptions
  2. Select your preferred option.

3. Apply a coupon if you have one.

4. Proceed to checkout.

5. Fill in your personal details.
6. Select your favourite payment method.


7. Create your Profile.

8. Choose your nickname for the DW website.

9. Introduce your unique Stream Url. If you need help click here.

10. Once your profile has been submitted the DW administrators will verify your profile within 24h, if there is a problem an admin will contact you via email.

11. You will receive an email “DWL | Profile successfully verified” Now you are ready to create a profile. Please check in your “Junk” email folder if you cannot find the email.

12. Joining a tournament: 

Purchase or join for free a tournament that suits your ELO.
Check your profile to find out your Highest Rating.
It is important that you only purchase a slot in a tournament above ELO, if you buy a slot in a tournament below your ELO you won’t be able to join the league. 
Help is available on our Discord Server.

13. Purchase a slot to the tournament.

14. Join/Register to the tournament.

15. Play your first match. Now only have to wait until the date of the tournament. Once the tournament is full of players you will receive an email notification.

16. Get ready to play, Go to MY 1VS1 TOURNAMENTS

17. Find your next match. My Account > My Games

18. Game info. 

19. Send the result. The first player will send the result and the second player will validate the results.

20. Validate the results. Once the result is validated, will be recorded. 

21. Check the table.

22. Prizes. 
All the prices will be payable within 24h after the tournament is finished.



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