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Lightning Fast 3 vs 3
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Clan ARG
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Arabia - DW Game Mode
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Tournament Information


Requirements for registration:
1. have 150 or more games played in the Random Map Team Game mode.
2. Last game played no earlier than 01/06/2021.
3. Have a Steam profile with information. If your steam profile is empty or private, we will assume it is a smurf account and refuse registration.
4. Maximum Elo in Team Game: Historical Maximum 2900. Maximum in 1 v 1. 2000.
5. Maximum 5 players per team.

Discord server

1 – Tournament mode:

8 teams
Double Elimination
In each stage, the Best of  3 games will be played to define who wins, with the maps predetermined in advance.

Winner bracket round 1: Arabia – Serengeti – Islands / Week 1
Looser bracket round 1: Arabia – Serengeti – Islands / Week 1
Winner bracket round 2: Arabia – Acropolis – Cross / Weekend 1
Looser bracket round 2: Arabia – Acropolis – Cross / Weekend 1
Winner bracket round 3: Arabia – Golden Pit – Baltic /Week 2
Looser bracket round 3: Arabia – Golden Pit – Baltic / Week 2
Grand Final round 1: Arabia – Golden Swamp – Cross/ Saturday
Looser bracket round 4: Arabia – Golden Swamp – Cross / Saturday
Grand Final: Arabia – Arena – Islands / Sunday

The games will be played in the Deep Waters game mode with their respective maps (you can download them in the mods part of aoe2DE by putting “Deep Waters”).

2 – Respect the deadlines:

  1. Registration 18/06/2021 – 25/06/2021
  2. Winners Round 1 28/07/2021 to 02/07/2021
  3. Losers Round 1, Winners Round 2 03/07/2021 and 04/07/2021
  4. Losers Round 2,  Winners Round 3 and Losers Round 3 05/07/2021 to 09/07/2021
  5. Grand Final Round 1 and Losers Bracket Round 4 Saturday 10/07/2021 
  6. Grand Final Sunday 11/07/2021 

All teams must respect the tournament schedule and the times of each round, whether scheduled by the teams or through the administration schedules No exceptions or delays will be granted to any team. There will be 20 minutes waiting time after the scheduled time. Thereafter, Admin Win may be requested. No excuses will be accepted for not playing within the specified time. Before the start of each game, the call for each match must be announced in the corresponding discord.
Players are requested to limit the time between games as much as possible to make the experience as smooth as possible for everyone.

3 – Administration schedules
If both teams cannot come to an agreement on the scheduling of their match, the staff will analyze the situation, schedule and time zones in order to add a workable administration time that suits both teams as best as possible. Administrators will ensure that players are not forced to play matches between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. local time.
If there is no agreement on game time, staff may begin to interfere in order for games to be scheduled and completed on time.

4 – Respect and fair play
Each team must respect its opponent. Bad behaviour (determined by the administrators) will result in a warning and may lead to immediate disqualification of the player or team. This tournament values not only excellent skills but also sportsmanship and fairness. No name-calling, racism or flaming will be tolerated.

5 – No Smurfing
All players have agreed to the no smurfing rule. Each player must submit all relevant player usernames for discussion by the administrators. No smurfing or account sharing is allowed. Any discovery of the above will result in the disqualification of a player.

6 – Lobby Location
All games must be played in a non-qualifying lobby in AoE2 DE with the option to allow spectators at least 10 minutes late.
If the game has not been recorded, it must be replay regardless of the result.

7 – Publication of recorded games
All recorded games must be posted on the designated Discord channel immediately after completion of the games by both teams. Failure to comply with this rule may result in penalties.

8 – Scheduling
Players will schedule games on the league’s Discord scheduling channel.

9 – Restoration
In the event of disconnections, teams must attempt to save and restore. All files of the recorded game in .mgz format (all parts of the game, before/after disconnection) must be provided when publishing the recorded games.
If it is not possible to restore, the recorded game and any additional information must be provided to the Administration. Subsequently, the facts will be analyzed and a final decision will be made. If there is no Administrator at the time of play and the players cannot agree on the result, the rest of the series will continue, and if the series is tied 1-1 at the end, the final game will be rescheduled.

10 – Prize
Prizes will be sent via PayPal. If recipients do not use/have PayPal, prizes will be sent by other means. However, certain fees may be deducted from the amount.

11 – Communication
Each player must be fluent in English and be responsible for scheduling, possible disputes and everything related to his/her participation. If a player is not fluent in English, he/she may have an external operator represent him/her during the series. This person must be notified to the appropriate league administrators. If you need a translator, please notify your league administrator.

12 – Streaming and Viewing.
POV (point of view) is allowed as long as you display the Deep Waters Gaming league banner, title and description in your stream.
The event will be streamed on Deep Waters’ Twitch channel. If anyone wants to stream the tournament, please contact us at

1 – Game Setup.
Civilizations: We remind you that all civilizations (in Deep Waters game mode) will start with 9 villagers, 170 wood, 100 food, 100 gold and 200 stone. This applies to all civilizations (Mayans, Chinese, Lithuanians, Huns, etc). Take into account this change to establish your strategies and pick civilizations.

The team may choose any civilization, but may not repeat it again during the same series.

The game settings must be as follows:
Game : Empires wars
Map Style : Custom
Location : Determined by the stage
Size : (6 player)
Difficulty : Standard
Population : 200
Game Speed : Normal
Reveal Map : Standard
Starting Age : Dark age
Victory Condition : Conquest
Time limit : 700 Years
Team Together : [X] Yes
All Techs : [ ] No
Allow Cheats : [ ] No
Lock Teams : [X] Yes
Lock Speed : [X] Yes
Record Game : [X] Yes
Multi Building Queue : [MQ] YES

2 – Restarts
2 restarts are allowed per series.
1 with justification (some bugged resource).
1 without justification
Both restarts must be requested before the 2nd minute of the game (remember that this is shorter than the actual minutes). When restarting a game, each player must choose the same civilizations as in the previous attempt.

3 – Restart maps with errors.
A player can request a restart for a buggy map during the first 2 minutes (game time).
A buggy map is defined as follows:
Gold: If for example a pile of gold is attached to a group of trees and has only 4 squares or less accessible it will be considered bug.
Stone: Less than 4 accessible squares
Berries: Less than 4 accessible squares
Animals: If any animal appears trapped and inaccessible by other resources.

4 – Hidden civilizations.
You must select “hidden civilizations” when creating the lobby.

5 – Different civilizations.
Different civilizations mean that you must choose a civilization, you cannot repeat the same civilization during the same series.

6 – Graphical mods.
Any graphical change that only affects the player of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is allowed.

7 – Cheating.
Cheating is not allowed under any circumstances. Players using any type of cheating will be disqualified from the tournament and will be banned from participating in future events.

8 – Settlements and Punishment.
All game settings provided in this post MUST be followed. Failure to follow them may result in penalties and possibly disqualification.

9 – Player Colors.
Players must remain with only one colour for the entire series.

10 – Isolated trees.
Players are not allowed to eliminate straggler trees that appear within 10 squares of the center of the opposing player’s city. This rule does not apply if the straggling tree being removed is part of a wall for the defending player. On maps where the main forests are exclusively straggler trees, it is strictly forbidden to eliminate opponents’ straggler trees (using the “palisade trick”) unless they are being used as part of a wall.

12 – Laming.
Players may steal enemy boars with their scout and are allowed to do anything else that is allowed in-game, including stealing boars with villagers, walling resources or blocking/killing villagers in the middle ages.

13 – Server
Teams must decide together on the server that best suits them both.