Wololo 5? Redbull doubling up on Age of Empires

The Red Bull Wololo 4 has ended, giving as victorious Liereyy in an epic final against the Canadian and for some favourite, Hera, who came from beating in quarterfinals the previous champion, Daut, and in the semi-finals nothing less than Viper by 3 to 0. However, the fact that Liereyy won was not too surprising because of the incredible level shown, beating Mbl and then Vincherster in the quarterfinals and the semi-final.

This Wololo, like the previous ones, has been very enjoyable, with its innovative gameplay and very organized and exciting programming, with interviews, commentators and the best casters in charge of the event. And to top of that, when we just finished enjoying the event, it is announced through Twitter that Red Bull is not finished with the Age yet, with a short spot about Wololo 5. We don’t know what it has in store for us, but for sure, the reality will exceed expectations as in every event. The Age continues to grow. That’s excellent news.


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