What’s new in Wololó V


As most will know, this edition of the prestigious tournament will take place in a medieval castle, as if to finish consecrating the event in mystique and expectations. It will be in the gothic castle of Heidelberg in Germany. The possibility of doing it in Lan format opens a world of aesthetic possibilities for the organization of tournaments and Red Bull is proving it with this event. As in many sports the motivational and animic aspect is very important, which could become an extra element for the players who are going to be immersed in the world of Age Of Empire.


In the qualifying stage have passed Slam and Jordan, the latter undoubtedly favorite to dispute the first places. The problem comes at the time of the guests since it has not yet been possible to confirm the totality of the participants due to inconveniences related to the pandemic. Several players would not be able to participate, such as Dogao and Mr. Yo, both at a great level, which means an important loss of competitiveness for the tournament. These casualties could allow other players to enter the vacant spots. For fans of the Spanish-speaking community the bad news is that both Lan and Capoch have fallen by the wayside, leaving Nicov and Tatoh in representation.


Between the 18th and 19th of September the PlayOff stage will be played and we will be broadcasting it on the Deep Waters channel.

We hope that as in previous editions we can see the maximum display of play of the most wonderful players of the Age. We look forward to seeing you on this trip!



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