What’s new in Wololo 5

As promised, we bring you some news about the event that will take place in Germany in September.


Participants: After ideas and twists and turns the 10 guests and the 2 players who have earned their place through the qualifiers have been confirmed.

Guests: ACCM, Daut, Hera, Liereyy, Mbl, Nicov, TaToH, TheViper, Villese and Vinchester. Qualifiers: Jordan and Slam


Casters: The English-speaking public will be able to enjoy Nili, Memb, Dave and T90. There is no news yet for the Spanish-speaking public. Anyway, Nacho and Mario will most likely be at the head of the event in some way or another as happened in the previous edition of the Wololó.


Controversies: Capoch spread some complaints about the organization of the prestigious tournament. From here we do not issue an opinion on the matter but we know that it is important for the community, so we leave you the words of the Argentinean player https://www.aoezone.net/threads/my-thoughts-on-red-bull-5.177865/



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