We release our first team of AOE2DE

As part of the Deep Waters Gaming project, we have put together our first Age Of Empire team, composed in principle by Gorlami, Don Sorete and Gyn. The idea is not only to participate in tournaments and leagues but also to stream our training, test tactics and exchange with spectators. Also, the idea is to show openings, build order and strategies for those who want to learn and improve in team play, since there are many tutorials for 1v1, but for TG they are often lacking.

Sometimes it is not enough to be a great player in 1v1 to be very good in TG or vice versa. Of course, improving in 1v1 helps a lot, but you also have to follow particular indications for team play. We also know that many Age players prefer to play with friends rather than alone, so it seems to us an interesting idea to start giving importance to this modality. We also have the idea of inviting “specialists” in the field to coach us and help us to improve as a team.

We hope you like this new project and we are waiting for you in the stream to enjoy these games!


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