4 v 4 Team League

02/11 to 13/11
8 teams
Elo: players must total 6k ELO points after adding the individual Elos of each player in Random Map. Example: Two players 2k and two players 1k.

1. Player Basic Subscription
2. Team Basic Subscription.
Both registrations will be free with the coupon: free for players and freeteam for Teams. Enter it when subscribing. Only one of the players must create the team subscription and invite his teammates. Then they must subscribe with the basic subscription and join the team.

3. Tournament registration:
$20 per team.
All the information to register in the channel rules and queries:

First Place: US$150
Second place: US$50

Players and team composition:

The team can register 4 players. If a player cannot play, he can only be replaced by a player of the same elo, registered in the web page and with previous notice to the administrators.

Schedule, league and round format
The league will have 8 teams playing against each other in one round. There will be 3 games per series and each game will add 1 point to the standings.

29/11 – 5/12

6/12 – 12/12

13/12 – 19/12

20/12- 26/12

2/01 9/01

10/01 – 16/01

17/01 – 23/01

1st map: Arabia
2nd map: Home Map Loser
3rd map: Home Map Loser

Each team will choose two maps and the opponent will be able to veto one of them:
– Arena
– Acropolis
– Gold Rush
– Islands
– Atacama
– Four lakes
– Socotra
– Golden swamp
– Ghost lake
– Nomade
– equipment islands

– Victory: Time limit 900 years.
– Hidden civilizations. Free choice of civilizations, without repeating the same ones (each civilization can be used once per round, per team).
– Trush, Douche and sheep/boar licking are allowed.
– Straggler trees that are up to 8 squares away from the enemy TC cannot be erased and/or licked, except those used as part of a wall.
– Slinging is allowed.
– Each team can use a restart every round, for any reason, as long as it is requested before the 5th minute. There is no admin-re, so we advise to use your restart wisely.
– All matches will be played with spectators allowed, and with a two (2) minute delay for spectators.

Open to all, but if a team decides to block spectators or players POV the decision must be respected. We recommend 10 minutes delay, both for spectators and players who choose to broadcast their point of view. Players should set the time delay in their broadcasting software.  Stream sniping is a reality so whoever decides to broadcast is liable.

Violation of any rule will result in automatic forfeiture of the game for the team that violated the rule.


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