DW Pro League


Match settings:

A series of 3 games, all 3 games have to be played and each victory gives you one point.
The maps for each series will be chosen for the organization.
Victory: is 700 years time limit.

2- Respecting Deadlines:
From 15/03/2021 to 30/05/2021
(Two games a week)

All players must respect the league schedule and times for each round. There will be no exceptions or delays granted to any player. No excuse will be accepted for failing to play in the specified time. If the admin staff determines that a player is trying to avoid scheduling and playing the league games, the player may be warned, receive an admin loss for the game or match, or be disqualified from the DW League.

3 – Admin Times
If both players cannot come to an agreement in scheduling their match, the staff will analyse the situation, schedule, and time zones in order to add a viable Admin Time that suits both players to the best of our ability. Admins will ensure players are not forced to play games between 2am – 6am local time.

If there is no agreement about the playing time, the staff might start interfering in order to get the games scheduled and completed in time.

 4 – Respect & Fair play

Every player must respect their opponent. Bad behaviour (determined by the Admins) will result in a warning and may lead to immediate disqualification of the player. This League values not only excellent skills but also sportsmanship and fairness. Any insult, racism, or flaming will not be tolerated.

Players are requested to limit the time between games as much as possible to make the experience as smooth for everyone as possible.

6 – Lobby Location

All the games are to be played in an unranked lobby in AoE2 DE with the allow spectators option turned off, or at least 10 minutes delay.

If the game hasn’t been recorded, it must be re-played regardless of the result.

7 – Recorded Games Posting

All Recorded Games must be posted on the designated channel in Discord immediately after completing the games by both players. Failure to do this may result in penalties.

8 – Scheduling

Players will schedule the games on the scheduling league Discord channel.

9 – Restoring

In the case of disconnections, the players must attempt to save and restore. All the .mgz recorded game files (multiple parts of the game before/after drop) must be provided when posting the recorded games.

If restoring is not possible, the recorded game should be provided and any additional information to the Administration. Subsequently, facts will be analysed and a final decision made. If an Admin is not around at the time of playing and the players cannot agree on a result, continue with the rest of the series, and if the series is tied 1-1 at the end, then the final game shall be rescheduled.

10 – Schedule Reliability, Admin Wins, Rescheduling

If a player does not show up to a scheduled game without notice, their opponent must wait for a minimum of 20 minutes before any action can be taken. They should notify an Admin as soon as possible, and a decision will be made.

11 – Prize Money

Prizes will be sent via PayPal. If the recipients do not use/have PayPal the prizes will be sent by other means. However, certain fees may be deducted from the amount.

12 – Communication

Each player must be fluent in English and is responsible for scheduling, possible disputes, and everything else regarding their participation. If a player is not fluent in English, they can have an External Operator to represent them during scheduling, recorded game The External Operator must be added in the sign-up post.

13 – Streaming & Spectating.

POV is allowed as long you always show the Deep Waters Gaming league banner, title and description in your stream.

The entire event is closed for other streamers, the league games (with the exception of the finals) will be recorded games.

If anyone wants to stream the league, please contact us at events@deepwatersgaming.com

Spectating is allowed with at least 10 minutes delay.

1 – Game Settings for DW MAPS 

The game settings must be the following.

Game: Empires wars

Map Style  Custom

Location: Determined by stage (DW map pack)

Size: Tiny (2 players)

Difficulty: Standard

Population: 200

Game Speed: Normal

Reveal Map:  Standard

Starting Age: Dark age

Victory Condition: Time limit 700 yeards

Team Together : [X] Yes

All Techs : [ ] No

Allow Cheats : [ ] No

Lock Teams : [X] Yes

Lock Speed : [X] Yes

Record Game : [X] Yes

Multi Building Queue : [MQ]

1.1 –  Game setting for African clearing, Nomad and Land Nomad.

The game settings must be the following.

Game: Random Map

Map Style: Map from the map pool

Location: Determined by stage (DW map pack)

Size: Tiny (2 players)

Difficulty: Standard

Population: 200

Game Speed: Normal

Reveal Map: Standard

Starting Age: Dark age

Victory Condition: Time limit of 700 years

Team Together : [X] Yes

All Techs : [ ] No

Allow Cheats : [ ] No

Lock Teams : [X] Yes

Lock Speed : [X] Yes

Record Game : [X] Yes

Multi Building Queue : [MQ]

2 – Restarts

You have two restarts per Day.

One with justification (map bugs) and another one without justification both before minute 2.

When a game is restarted, each player must choose the same civilizations as in the previous attempt.

3- Bugged maps restarts

A bugged map is defined as the following for standard resource starts:

Gold: Less than 5 tiles of the main gold cluster are at least accessible on one side, extra gold are excluded.

Stone: Less than 4 tiles of a stone cluster are at least accessible on one side, extra stones are excluded.

Berries: Less than 4 tiles of a berry cluster are at least accessible on one side.

Animals: one or more of the animals being trapped.

4 – Hidden Civilizations

For the League “Hidden Civilizations” must be selected when hosting the lobby on DE.

5 – Different Civilizations

Different Civilizations means a civilization must be picked, and you cannot repeat the same civilization on the same day.

6 – Graphical Mods

Any graphic changes that only affect the player’s Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition are allowed.

7 – Cheating

Cheating is not allowed under any circumstances. Players using any cheat will be disqualified from the league tournament and banned from future events.

8- Automatic Agreement & Punishment

All the game settings provided in this post MUST be followed. Not following them may result in penalties and possibly disqualification.

9 – Player Colours

Players must stick with a single colour for an entire series.

10 – Admin Participation

Administrators may participate in the tournament, as long as they are not administrators of their own division.

11 – Straggler Trees

Players are not allowed to delete the straggler trees which spawn within 10 tiles of an opposing player’s Town Centre. This rule does not apply if the straggler tree which is being deleted forms part of a wall for the defending player. On maps where main forests are exclusively straggler trees, it is strictly forbidden to delete straggler trees from opponents (using the “palisade trick”) unless they are being used as part of a mid-section of the wall.


12 – Laming

Players may steal enemy boars with their scout and are allowed to do anything else that is permitted within the game, including stealing boar with villagers, walling in resources, or blocking/killing villagers in the dark age.

In nomad maps is not allowed to fight villagers until you have completed your town centre.

Douche  is allowed


13 – Server

The players should together work out a server that best suits the two players.



Map Pool:
DW Map pack:
Acropolis, Alpine lakes, Arabia, Arena, Baltic, Four lakes, Ghost lake, Golden Pit, Golden swap, Islands, Serengeti, Valley.

Regular maps: African clearing, Land nomad, Nomad




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