Deep Waters Pro League season 2

Official Announcement​

We are happy to announce the Deep Waters Pro League Season 2.

The DW Pro League Season 2 is an Age of Empires II Definitive Edition that is played with the DW game mode 2.0.

This season we will have two stages, group stage and double-elimination playoff.
The league is starting the week commencing 31st of January 2022

You can find more information about the tournament here.


DW Pro League 2 qualifiers Play-offs:
The quarter-finals are starting on the 24th of January.
The semi-finals are on Saturday 29th of January, and the Final is on Sunday 30th of January.
DW Pro League2 Game 1:
Week commencing on the 31st of January
DW Pro League2 Game 2: 7th of February

Group stage:
Two groups of 8 players:
Group A: ACCM, Daniel, Dark, DauT, Dogao, Jordan, TaToH (the reigning champion) and the player from the qualifiers)
Group B:  BacT, bruh, Capoch, Dragonstar, LaN, Miguel, Nicov, and TheViper.
One Game has three maps that are worth 1 point each.
The first four will go through to the double-elimination stage.

Deep Waters Gaming Channel will cast all games in Spanish on, and all the participant’s players will be casting and streaming in their channels so that you won’t miss any action.

We offer open streaming. If you’re interested in streaming this event, make sure to contact us on discord.