Deep Waters League 2 

  1. General requirements to register:
    1. To have a League or Premium subscription only.
      1. Benefits of subscribing: Play free and paid tournaments with prize money, compete against players of your ELO rating, win prizes in our monthly giveaways, and support us to grow.
      2. Cost: US$5/month for three months or US$15 one-off time.
      3. Giveaway
  2. In-Game requirements to register: 
    1. 100 o more games 1vs1.
    2. Game account for at least 9 months or more.
    3. The Player’s highest ELO will determine the Player’s division.
      1. If a player has a big difference between the number of games on 1vs1 and team games, we will add points to match the team game’s ELO.
      2. Example: The Player has 500 games on 1vs1 with 1500 ELO rating and 2500 team games with 2700 ELO rating. We will be adding 200 ELO rating points to leave the gap on 1000 ELO rating points.
    4. To have played 1 vs 1 within the last 30 days.
  3. Divisions available:
    12 division every 100 ELO points, from 1000 to 2000 and No limit division.
    1000, 1100, 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2000 and no limit. Example: 0-1000, 1001-1100, 1101-1200…

  4. Format for every division:
    16 players max.
    2 Groups of 8 players.
    The first 4th of each group qualify for the play-off.
    Group stage: 3 maps per game. Players must play the three games. Each game is worth 1 point.
    Play-off:  Single elimination bracket on best of three games, (Bo3)
  5. Prize-pool:
    US$ 150 per division if the division is completed (16 players)
    First place: 50%  (example, $75)
    Second place: 25% (example, $37.5)
    Third and fourth: 12.5% (example $18.75 each)

  6. Timeline.
    Registration: From  10th of January 2022 to the 28th of January 2022
    Group stage:
    Game 1: Week commencing on 31st of January 2022
    Game 2: Week commencing on 7th of February 2022
    Game 3: Week commencing on 14th of February 2022
    Game 4: Week commencing on  21st of February 2022
    Game 5: Week commencing on 28th of February 2022
    Game 6: Week commencing on 7th of March 2022
    Game 7: Week commencing on 14th of March 2022
    Quarter-finals: Week commencing on 21st of March 2022
    Semifinal and Final: Week commencing on 28th of March 2022
  7. Game mode and game settings.
    4.1 Deep Waters Game Mode 2.0
    4.2 The game settings must be the following:
    Game: Random Map
    Map Style: Custom
    Location: Determined by stage (must download DW Map pack)
    Size: Tiny (2 players)
    Difficulty: Standard
    Population: 200
    Game Speed: Normal
    Reveal Map: Standard
    Starting Age: Dark age
    Victory Condition: Conquest
    Time limit: 700 Years
    Team Together : [X] Yes
    All Techs : [ ] No
    Allow Cheats : [ ] No
    Lock Teams : [X] Yes
    Lock Speed : [X] Yes
    Record Game: [X] Yes
    Multi Building Queue : [MQ]
  8. Maps: Map pack must be downloaded from the game workshop.
    1. Acropolis
    2. Alpine Lakes
    3. Arabia
    4. Arena
    5. Atacama (in development)
    6. Baltic
    7. Four Lakes
    8. Ghost lakes
    9. Golden Swamp
    10. Golden pit
    11. Islands
    12. Serengeti
    13. Valley
  9. In-game rules:
     Victory: Time limit 700 years.
    Hidden civilizations. Free choice of civilizations, without repeating the same ones (each civilization can be used once per game)
    Trush, Douche and sheep/boar licking are allowed.
    Straggler trees up to 8 squares away from the enemy TC cannot be erased and/or licked, except those used as part of a wall.
    Slinging is allowed. (Team games only)
    Each player/team can use a restart every round, for any reason, if it is requested before minute 3.
    There is no admin-re, so we advise you to use your restart wisely.
    All matches will be played with spectators allowed and a two (2) minute delay minimum.
  10.  Rules:
    1. Scheduling a game:
      All players must respect the league schedule and times for each round. There will be no exceptions or delays granted to any player. No excuse will be accepted for failing to play in the specified time. If the admin staff determines that a player is trying to avoid scheduling and playing the league games, the player may be warned, receive an admin loss for the game or match, or be disqualified from the DW League.
      Failing to play a game on time will be an instant disqualification from the tournament.
      In a league format, if you give 3 or more admin wins, it means a disqualification, and all the games/points will be null.
    2. Respect & Fair play:
      This League values not only excellent skills but also sportsmanship and fairness. Every player must respect their opponents and the organization. Bad behaviour (determined by the admins) will result in a warning and may lead to immediate disqualification of the player. Any insult, racism, or flaming will not be tolerated.
      Players are requested to limit the time between games as much as possible to make the experience as smooth for everyone as possible.
    3. Smurfing:
      All players have agreed to the No Smurf rule. Each player must submit all relevant player usernames for Admin discussion. Smurfing and account sharing is not allowed. Any discovery of those above will result in a player’s disqualification. We might ask the players to share their cameras while playing the play-off so the administrators can check their identity. Failing to prove your identity can be a reason for disqualification.
    4. Lobby location:
      All the games are to be played in an unranked lobby in AoE2 DE with the (Allow spectators) option turned off, or at least 10 minutes delay. If the game has not been recorded, it must be re-played regardless of the result, before you re-play contact an administrator.
    5. Server location:
      The players should work out a server that best suits the two players.
    6. Graphical Mods:
      Any graphic changes that only affect the player’s Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition are allowed.
    7. Player colour:
       Players must stick with a single colour for an entire series.
    8. Automatic Agreement & Punishment:
      All the game settings provided in this post MUST be followed. Not following them may result in penalties and disqualification.
    9. Cheating:
      Cheating is not allowed under any circumstances. Players using any cheat will be disqualified from the league tournament and banned from future events.e
    10. Streaming:
       Open to all, (apply on the designated channel on the Discord server), but if a player or team decides to block spectators or players POV, the decision must be respected. In this case, only administrators will be able to join. We recommend 10 minutes delay, both for spectators and players who choose to broadcast their point of view. Players should set the time delay in their broadcasting software. Stream sniping is a reality, so whoever decides to broadcast is liable for their decisions. Violation of any rule will result in automatic forfeiture of the game for the team or player that violated the rule.
  11. Miscellaneous:
    1. Rules may be added and/or modified at any time prior to or during the event