Deep Waters December 4v4

Deep Waters December 4v4

  • Tournament overview
  • Players and teams composition
  • Inscription process
  • Tournament and round formats
  • General Settings
  • Maps
  • Rules
  • Casting
  • Schedule
  • Prizes

Tournament Overview

Welcome to Deep Waters December, a 4v4 amateur tournament with hybrid-map theme. No home maps, just fixed maps for everyone.

Players and teams composition:

Team may inscribe up to six (6) players. Teams may choose to change players in between games

Inscription Process:

In order to inscribe players should have both a current an historical highest ELO Of 1600 1v1 or less (I.E players up to 1600 can sign up). Also, in order to avoid smurf accounts, players must have at least 100 ranked games, of which at least 50 must be in the 1v1 ranking (All these games must be in the same account. Players must use their main account to register, and can only register with one account)
To register, players must join our Discord, and provide the info listed below in the appropiate channel (DWDec 4v4 inscriptions)
o Team Name
o Team players
o Team capitain (must be one of the players)
o profile of each player (obtained by copy-pasting your steam-profile ID number)
In addition, to register, members must subscribe to our youtube channel or our Twich channel.

Tournament and round formats:

The tournament will feature a direct elimination system, with 16 teams competing. Seeding will be determined by randomly, All round will be Best of 3, and all matches will have a time limit of 60 in-game-minutes. If the time limit is reached, a team must have at least 1000 points more than the other team (Team score, not players) to be considered winner, otherwise the game is a tie-game. If at the end of all 3 games, the series is tied, then players have to play the tiebreak map (Arabia) which doesn’t have time limit.

General Settings:

Game : Random Map
Size : Large (8 player)
Difficulty : Standard
Population : 200
Game Speed : Standard
Reveal Map : Standard
Starting Age : Standard
Victory Condition : Time Limit 700 Years (60 minutes)
Team Together : [X] Yes
All Techs : [ ] No
Allow Cheats : [ ] No
Lock Teams : [X] Yes
Team Together: [X] Yes
Team Positions: [X] Yes
Lock Speed : [X] Yes
Record Game : [X] Yes


Deep Waters December implement this great idea of fixed maps for every round. In other words, there will be no home maps, and each map will be played just once. This is the following list:

Round of 8
Four Lakes

Team Islands
Golden Swamp

City of Lakes

Pacific Islands
Crater Lake

Tiebreak Map: Arabia


  • Hidden civ, free pick without repeating civs (each civ can be used once per round, per team)
  • Trushing, Douching and lamming sheep/boars is allowed.
  • Straggler trees up to 8 tiles away from the enemy TC can’t be erased and/or lammed, except for those used as part of a wall
  • Sling is not allowed. Each player can give 500 units in resources to his ally while the player giving the resources is in the feudal age, and 500 more when the player passing the resources is in the castle age. Once the player who’s giving resources to his allies reachs imperial age, then he/she can give an unlimited amount of resources to his/her ally.
  • Each team can use a RE-start each round, for any reason, as long as it is asked before the 5th minute. There’re no admin-re, so we advise to use your re wisely.
  • All games shalt be played with spectators allowed, and with two (2) minutes of spectator-delay.

Violation of any rule will result in automatic forfeiture of the game for the team that broke the rule. If a team breaks a rule for a second time, said team will be disqualified from the competition.


Semi finals and finals will be casted in Deep waters channel exclusively. Teams may cast their games up to the quarter-finals


The Tournament starts december 7th and finishes december 30th. Iscription deadline is Saturday 5th December


The winning team will get 100 US$, and the runner-up will get 50 US$




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