Red Bull WOLOLO 2 – Second edition of the newest big tournament

Red Bull Wololo is back, with another edition of the action packed Empire Wars tournament. Our eight quarter finalists from the first Red Bull Wololo are invited directly to the main event, and there will once again be two open qualifiers to decide the other eight competitors.

The eight returning players are  Mr_Yo,  TheViper,  Hera,  Liereyy,  DauT,  MbL,  TaToH &  LaaaaaN., and after 2 strenuous qualifiers, we now have our final eight players   dogao,  Nicov,  Villese,  Vinchester,  ACCM,  Capoch,  miguel &  TheMax joining the invited players!

Day 1: Thursday 20th – Starting at 13 GMT
Day 2: Friday 21st – Starting at 13 GMT
Day 3: Saturday 22nd – Starting at 13 GMT
Day 4: Sunday 23rd – Starting at 13 GMT



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