New patch, new civilizations, lots of controversy!

Today is an important day: not only the new expansion “Dawn of the Dukes” has been released, but also an update with a lot of changes. New units, new bonuses, new technologies, let’s go for it!

New Civilizations:

Bohemians, characterized by being strong in gunpowder and monks. It makes sense given that they can access chemistry and hand gunners in the castle age and some monastery technologies affect villagers. In addition to the unique technologies that strengthen these aspects. But they also have the cheapest university, monasteries and blacksmiths, so it would not be very strange to play archers with this civilization, which by the way are complete, except for the dactilera. But taking advantage of the cheap university, having archers with ballistics and chemistry doesn’t sound so crazy and would be more than powerful! On the other hand a new unique unit is released, the Hussite War Chariot. It is considered siege, strong against archers although more expensive than the Korean wagon. We will see how it performs in practice.

The Poles are considered a cavalry civilization. They do not lack elements. The unique castle technology allows them to produce knights 60% cheaper in gold! In theory it would be compensated by not having the ultimate defense in blacksmithing and lacking Paladin. But… they have the Winged Husar, a new unit to replace the Husar, for 600 food and 800 gold we will have a very powerful unit to be “trash”. In addition they have the imperial crown that gives them area attack! However, another outstanding aspect of this civi is not related to cavalry but to the possibility of thinking “fordwar” strategies since their villagers regenerate themselves and the stone miners also generate gold. On the other hand they have a unique building called Folwark replacing the mill with interesting bonuses about it!

A lot to debate, a lot of speculation, but the real capacity or limits will be seen on the field. So enjoy these new civilizations!

The news does not end here but there would also be several general changes about other civilizations. To mention a few: Burmese are attempted to be revived through a unique technology for their elephants. Bufeo for the Chinese, now the farms do not give +45 food but +10%, which takes away power in Feudal and Castles. Bufeo also for the Cumans who had been a bit behind, now the arcades and stables cost -100 wood. Lithuanians have also been touched, now they don’t have the last attack upgrade in the smithy, but they get access to the aforementioned Winged Hussar.

There would be more changes, but we have mentioned the most important ones. We will keep an eye on the evolution of this gigantic update, we will see how the mechanics of the new units work, how the balance goes and we will keep you updated. Now, enjoy!



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