Lord of the West: new expansion

A short time after Lord of the West, the developers have not wasted time and announced that the new expansion: Down of the Dukes will be ready for August 10. It is already available for pre-order through Steam.

This expansion will introduce 2 new civilizations and 3 campaigns. To begin with, we have the Poles, a civilization focused on cavalry, which includes the special addition of the Winged Hussar, a new improvement instead of the classic Hussar. On the other hand we have the Bohemians, a civilization of monks and artillery that includes a new unit: the Hussite Wagon. We leave here the link for more information about the civilizations and campaigns.

We are waiting for the launch to be able to make a deeper analysis of the balance of these new civilizations, which, as usual with new features, will surely undergo modifications when they are implemented in competitive play.





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