Lightning Fast inaugural tournament.

This September 24, 25 and 26 starts the 1 vs 1 lightning tournament with which we inaugurate the new website through which we will organize a lot of tournaments and leagues!

Players: Biry; Pela (Levi); Kingston; Whocl; KikO; Uno1; cHELOO; Uzzi.
Prizepool: $100

There will be two groups from which the 4 players who will advance to the Play-Offs will be selected. All series will be best of 3 with pre-determined maps for each instance.

The players can choose civilizations freely, but they can not repeat the same selection on the series.

Broadcasting: We will be streaming the games on Deep Waters official Twitch channel.

We remind you that with the coupon: free, the first 100 players will have a Basic subscription for 6 months for free, so don’t miss it!

Link on how to subscribe to the website.



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