Infinity Legends and White Wolf Palace Draft players

2021 comes with a bunch of new things for Age of Empires II DE. New tournaments, bigger prizes, and of course, new teams playing together.

Infinity Legends, the team of Capoch and company, incorporated the best players of the PetGunPet, leaving that team in uncertain territory. What is certain is that now PROject_Belgium, Daniel and Angelina Jolie are part of the team of Chris, Bact, Capoch and Riut

On the other hand, White Wolf Palace is the new community of Chinese players, sponsored by a Singaporean tycoon, who plays Age under the name of Martin. The important thing is that WWP brings together almost all the major Chinese players: Yo, Lyx, Vivi, Tim, StrayDog, Bad Koala and CL, with only Paladin missing from the top Chinese players.


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