Hype for the November Update!

Time passes quickly, and Age Of Empires II DE is now one year old. The birthday gift will be given to us by the developers.

After the great disappointment that was the almost non-existent update in October, the one in November will be much bigger. A LOT .

The video includes a lot of information, but we have compiled the most important points.

New game mode: The Battle Royal (last man standing) Maybe it’s the famous “free for all”.

New multiplayer tool:  The Quick Play. From what we understand from the video, it will be an easier way to look for lobbies, choosing if we want to play random map, Empire Wars or Battle Royal

New menu: We will now have a button (actually, a picture) for the single player menu (which includes a random map player, and campaigns), and a button for the multiplayer menu (which includes the Ranked mode, Quick play and the well-known Lobby.

New Menu of selection of civilizations: Now we will see the summary of the civilization when posing the mouse pointer. A good tool to help us decide.

Balance Changes: The video talks about many balance changes. It is worth noting that while mentioning this, it shows images of the Khmer, the Bulgarians, the Turks, so we can expect a nerf for the first of these civilizations, and a buff for the other two.

This update, which promises to be the biggest one the game has received so far, will arrive in November, but the exact date is unknown.  We will have to keep waiting.


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