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The podcast network and online history channel launches its Age Of Empire tournament with nothing less than a $5000 prize. We leave you more information in this link

History and Age are completely inseparable. For many players it aroused interest either from a historical perspective or through the verisimilitude that the civilizations presented in relation to their time. The architecture, the voices of the units, their bonuses among other elements demonstrate the importance and the primordial relationship. The story is not a condiment, it is a constituent part of the gameplay that we know today in Age Of Empire.

We leave you the words of Dan Snow and James Carson about it:

Dan Snow, historian, comments.

“Ever since that memorable week when I turned off my phone, stocked up on supplies and spent every waking hour playing Civilization II, I’ve been obsessed with historical games. I instantly realized that these games entertain but also educate.”

“Many people confess to me that they were introduced to a love of history thanks to Age of Empires or Total War. Like historical novels, games spark the imagination, captivate and set people on the path of fascination with what has gone before.

“We have a lot of passionate historical strategy fans at Team History Hit, so it was only natural to launch our new gaming section. We’re going to let our history-crazed audience know what the best history games out there are and how to play them.”

“And most exciting of all, we’ll be hosting eSports tournaments – what could be more historical? Tournaments date back to the 12th century, this is the modern incarnation, literally in the spirit of its medieval ancestors.”

James Carson, CEO of History Hit, sees gaming and e-sports as offering an exciting opportunity to connect history with a new global audience:

“History Hit is dedicated to making history more accessible in the digital age. Being a player of historical games for over 25 years, history and gaming clearly fit together: we will offer something very different from other gaming websites by only covering games that are clearly based on history. E-sports is a fast-growing entertainment format and many historical games are well suited to it.

We are excited about connecting this vast global community with our digital history channels.”



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