Empire Wars and Wololo IV

Weeks away from the start of the tournament sponsored by Red Bull, a very important news has been announced: The incorporation of the Empire Wars game mode to the competitive matches, precisely the game mode used in this prestigious tournament. Of course it can’t be a coincidence.

Beyond being able to play ranked games in the Empire Wars mode, the decision to remove Deathmatch from the competitive game mode came as a surprise. Officially, the decision was based on the premise that very few players would use this game mode. Instead, it is argued, Empire Wars would be widely played in the lobby.

We cannot fail to mention the great growth of AOE2DE, in number of players, streamers, tournaments, leagues, etc., in recent times. The commercial aspect is becoming more important every day and this has implications in the game modes. Not only because of the incorporation of new generations of players but also because of the form of spectacle offered in the most important tournaments. And here lies, in my opinion, one of the successes of Wololo: The game mode provides action from the beginning of the game. Beyond the tastes of each one, it seems that to provide an increasingly massive spectacle this aspect would be important. Undoubtedly, the duration of the games is also important, since it has its negative side to maintain shows of gigantic duration. It would not be good for the commercial aspect and perhaps for the needs of AOEDE at this particular moment.

This is not to defend the decision to remove Deathmatch or include Empire Wars in ranked games, it simply seeks to contribute to the analysis of both the decisions and the needs of our beloved game and our community.

The timing is perfect and it is not casual, since Wololo IV starts soon. For those who do not know this game mode, it starts in the Feudal Age, with a fairly advanced start, a good amount of villagers, military and economic buildings, proposing action from the beginning.

The game format was disruptive at the time but has earned an important place in the competitive scene, becoming perhaps one of the most prestigious tournaments. The qualifiers will start at the end of May and it will be an interesting moment to test the new civilization balances included in the last patches.

We hope that this brief note will serve as a contribution to the interesting changes that AOE2DE is going through. In the comments you can leave us your opinions about these decisions!


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