Empire War Dúo 2

The Empire Wars game mode has much more to offer besides the already prestigious Wololo. This time the Empire War Duo 2 is coming, which, as its name suggests, will be a 2 vs 2 tournament in EW mode. Not only will great Elite players participate, but the conformation of the teams gives it a special touch, since practically anyone can win, making it a little more difficult to bet on a favorite. In the 1 v 1 lately we have been seeing 3 or 4 players in the final stages of the most important tournaments. But on this occasion the panorama is completely open.

The 8 invited teams will be:

Hera and Liereyy | MbL and Nicov | Jordan, TaToH and Nili | Mr. Yo, Vivi and Lyx | DauT, Slam and TheViper | ACCM and BacT | Dogao and Miguel | TheMax and Villese |

The games will be incredible, because among these names alone there are impressive teams beyond their individualities. For example the Hera – Liereyy team has a lot to show individually, but will it be enough to beat a strong team game like Dogao and Miguel? They know each other and have been playing together for a long time, or The Max and Villese, who also have a lot of skills together. We will see who joins this list to complete what is going to be an incredible Team Game battle.

For more information you can go to the following Link  



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