AOE4 has a date!

Age Of Empires IV now has a release date! On October 28 we will be able to start enjoying the fourth edition of this historical game, which promises a lot. According to the creators, there was a lot of work to do, since the previous versions date back many years. Even though AOE2DE was made not so long ago, the mechanics, graphics and gameplay are based on AOE2. This means that making a new version of the game means updating it in every way, so we can expect a lot of changes, from the aesthetics to the gameplay. We suppose that there will be enough similarities to attract all AOE2DE players, a community that has grown a lot in the last time.

We can already access this version to pre-buy it on steam, and we will only have to wait for the release date. In the meantime, we can only have fun speculating how this new saga will be through the gameplay that began to cycle where we can see an approach to the game. Based on this and some things that the creators have said we can think that much of the mechanics of micromanagement of troops and the logic of the units acquired over the years of experience of previous games will be maintained. However, it is believed that it will be a more “accessible” game, with the idea of continuing to add players. It is a reality that to play AOE2, perhaps unlike other games, it requires a fairly large base in terms of build orders and other mechanics. At a competitive level, of course, all esports have a very high complexity, but perhaps some of them are more accessible when it is time to play them for the first time. We will see if this is one of the aspects that will change in this new version.

Beyond these speculations, the images leave a spectacular impression, an updated, modern game, from the colours to the movement of the units. Let’s hope that all this accompanies gameplay as beautiful as AOE2 knew how to build.



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