Age of Queens Showmatch: The girls of AoE face off in combat

The Age community is growing, there is no doubt about it. And within that large community, there are, fortunately, more and more ladies who are joining our beloved game.
Age of Queens is a Discord server exclusively for female Age of Empires II players, including Debbie, Odette and Ofelia, to name a few of the most popular members. The group is quite active and usually organizes events, such as the 1v1 tournament organized in September, or the showmatches that will be played this month.

Coordinated and casted by one of the Discord’s admins, Tiny Triss, both events will be 4v4 Bo5, with the following maps to be played:

  • Acropolis
  • Arena
  • Black Forrest
  • Four Lakes
  • Hideout
  • Hill fort
  • Golden Pit
  • Golden Swamp
  • Lombardia
  • MegaRandom
  • Nomad
  • Team Islands

The first map will always be Arabia and then the team that lost the last game will pick a HM. Each team will be able to ban up to 3 civs.
The showmatches will be on November 15th at 20GMT and on November 21st at 24 GMT (i.e. between 21st and 22nd).

Without a doubt, these types of events are very favorable for the community, not only because they attract more people to the game, but also because they make the community mature and more open. For my part I hope that more and more girls will join our beloved AoE II.
Who knows, in the future maybe we will see some other female unit besides the Gbeto.


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