Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Hotfix 45185

Here we go! We appreciate your patience as we bundle up and test another package of fixes for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. Today, our focus is on the prevalent crashes and errors disrupting the community while sneaking a few balance changes in for our new civilizations. As is our modus operandi, here are the highlights:

  • Updated how the game utilizes CPU and GPU resources to avoid taxing systems not running Vsync.
  • Fixed numerous crashes reported by the community.
  • Fixed an out-of-sync error when spectating a match with fog of war disabled.
  • Fixed an animation hitch when advancing from one Age to the next.
  • The tech tree now displays the correct health values of units and buildings.
  • Buildings can no longer be overlapped when you can’t see the enemy’s structure.
  • Fixed issues which prevented units and secondary projectiles from dealing their intended damage.
  • Adjustments to the Burgundian Coustillier and to Sicilian bonuses and unique technologies.
  • Numerous localization fixes.
  • Ongoing investigation into more community reports!

As always, your feedback plays a huge part in setting the course for the game, so keep it coming! Visit the forums, join the Discord, and get involved in the community!




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