About the May 3 patch

On May 3, the long awaited AOE2 DE update arrived. Important changes in the balance of civilizations were announced and leaked, so the whole community was expectant, either to celebrate or to suffer them. For the lovers of the Inca forward it will probably be a great disappointment, due to the nerf applied to the American civilization. From now on, the blacksmith upgrades, which in the past were applied from the Feudal Age to the villagers, will only be applied in the Age of Castles. Perhaps to the surprise of many, they have not given a compensation, either economic or military, to a civilization that beyond some virtues, was quite tied to offensive strategies in the Feudal Age, a fact observable both in the low and medium elos and even in the elite players.

Among other notable balances we can see the buff to the Burgundians, a civilization that entered the field with the DLC and that went quite unnoticed. Since the patch we have seen them a lot. Maybe they’ve overdone it, but that will be told by time and usage, especially at the elite level. The litmus test will be the following tournaments and leagues already announced. More specifically, the food granted by relics is increased from 20 to 30 units of food per minute. But probably the biggest benefit is that the food cost of the economic upgrades (available one age before) is reduced by 50%. From the first impressions it seems that this bonus becomes very strong in maps where food is plentiful, (which allows you to afford those upgrades), or hybrid maps, where fishing also provides that extra, or in closed maps that allow economic boosts.

In our opinion, these were the most important changes in the balances, although we can mention some other quite interesting ones.

The Malay no longer have infinite fish traps, but now provide +300% food and the elephants of this civilization, noted for their low economic value but also their weakness in blacksmithing improvements are now reduced in cost to -30% in the Age of Castles and -40% in the Imperial Age. Karambit attack is also increased, 6/7 in Castles, 7/8 in Imperial.

The Mongols also suffer a minimal nerf reducing the speed of the mangudai from 1.45 to 1.40.

The Sicilians were also involved in this patch, through the Serjeant, whose armor is increased in the Feudal Age from 1 to 2; life points from 60 to 65 in the Age of Castles and from 75 to 85 in the Imperial Age with the elite upgrade. Another remarkable fact is that now the Donjon cost 175 stone instead of 200, which not only helps the utilization of this unique tower of the Sicilians, but also solves an awkward situation resulting from the fact that in the past it was not even possible to put an outpost because the stone for the construction of the Donjon was no longer enough.

General balances: Now the Artillery Galleons can be built directly after developing the chemistry. Also the Steppe Lancers lowered their cost in gold from 45 to 40.

This patch brought some other changes that whoever is interested can go to see them and analyze them carefully. Here we simply compiled in our humble opinion the most important elements of this last update. We hope you find it useful and also that you return us with your comments and opinions about it.



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