A new patch!

A new patch has arrived for AOE2DE with some radical changes.

The Deathmatch game mode in competitive mode has been eliminated and in its place has entered the Empire Wars game mode, so popularized by Red Bull Wololo. And at the time we published the justifications that the developers put on the table to explain this change. In short, few people would play Deathmatch and quite a few people would play or want to play Empire Wars, evaluations taken into account from the lobby created with this game mode. So from now on we will be able to enjoy this new variant that will open a new world of possibilities: Guides, buil orders, tutorials, civilization balances among other things.

As if this were not enough and exciting, a cooperative campaign mode is also added. Although it is still in Beta mode, we can already enjoy some campaigns and carry them out with our friends. The truth is that it sounds very interesting, not exclusive but especially for those who perhaps do not play competitive in the Age, or for those who have just joined this world and are exploring the game. It is a very interesting window not only to add content and ways to play but also to add new people.

In addition, as in every update, some errors or bugs have been corrected or certain aspects of the game have been improved. We would particularly like to mention the civilization balance aspect:


Hand gunners increase their accuracy from 65% to 75%.

Heavy horse archers increase their attack animation duration from 1.15 to 1.17.

Among the highlights we can also add that the Elite Boyars now have +2 armor quarter to melee. They would go from having 6 to 8. Also the few used Persian Elephants changed their value. They now cost less food, but a little more gold. We will see how these balances and changes work, but they are quite minor compared to other updates.


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