Terra Nova

Timeframe: 09/11/2020 – 10/01/2021

Tournament format: 1v1

Format of the rounds: Qualifying rounds, then group stage (16 players), and finally direct elimination.

Maps: In the qualifiers, the following maps will be available as Homemap (the first game of Bo3 will always be in Arabia)

  • Arena
  • Bogland
  • Budapest
  • Crater Lake
  • Fortress

Then the map pools per round will be revealed. Each map pool will correspond to a different continent.

Method used to choose civilizations: Each round of the group phase will correspond to a continent, and only civilizations from that continent will be available to play that round (for example, in the round with maps of America, only Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas will be eligible). Depending on the results of each round, players will have priority to “unlock” civilizations for the final, direct-elimination round (i.e., build their civs pool with which they can play the last round)

Number of Players: 16 Players (48 player qualifiers, as there will be 52 entry slots, and the 4 highest rated players qualify directly for the main event)

Prizes: There are US$ 1000 in prizes.

Casting:  NovaAoe

Brackets: Coming soon


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