Red Bull Wololo 3

Timeframe:02/01/21 – 24/01/21

Tournament format: 1v1 – Empire Wars


  • Arabia
  • Acclivity
  • Atacama
  • Cattails
  • Eruption
  • Frigid Lake
  • Haboob
  • Kawasan
  • Lowland
  • Rockslide
  • Sacred Springs
  • Winged

The first game will always be played in Arabia, then the home map of the loser of the last game is played.

Method used to choose civilizations: Civ Draft

Categories: A main category, and a silver league.

Number of Players: 16 players, of which 8 are by invitation (cn Mr_Yo, no TheViper, ca Hera, at Liereyy, es TaToH, fi TheMax, ar Nicov and ar Capoch ). The invited players are those who made it to the quarterfinals in RBW2

Format of the rounds: Qualifying rounds the first 2 weekends (02/01 – 03/01 and 09/10). Then main event. All rounds are direct elimination. The first round of the main event will be a Bo3, the quarter and semifinals will be Bo5. The final will be Bo7

Prizes: There are US$ 30,000 in prizes.

Brackets: Coming Soon


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