King of the Desert 3

Timeframe: It will be played from September 14 to October 25.

Tournament format: 1v1

Maps: Arabia

Method used to choose civilizations: Civ-Draft (Player A chooses one civilization, Player B chooses two civilizations, Player A chooses two civilizations, etc.)

Number of players: which are classified by the results obtained in the last tournaments/or by their rank in the ladder.

Format of the rounds:

    • Round of 64: Direct elimination – Best of 3 games
    • Round of 32: Direct elimination – Best of 5 games
    • Round 16: GSL System* – Best of 5 games
    • Quarterfinals: Direct Elimination – Best of 5
    • Semifinal: Direct elimination – Best of 7 games
  • Final: Direct elimination – Best of 11 games


Prizes: U$S 50,000 to be shared among the players (the winner of the tournament gets U$S 17,000 and the runner-up U$S 9,000


The Tournament Handbook is available in English, for those who want to read it.

*The GSL system is a system in which the 16 players will be divided into four groups of 4. Two duels will be played, and the winners of those duels will face each other, while the losers of those duels will also face each other. The winner winners’ duel will advance to the next round, while the loser of winners’ duel will face the winner of the duel of losers. Whoever wins this duel will also advance to the next round.


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