Improvement Cup V & VI

Timeframe: 15/12/20 – 08/02/21

Tournament format: 1v1 – 2v2

Maps:There wont be any drafting or banning for the maps. for each round admins will give set maps to play.

Method used to choose civilizations: There wont be any civ drafts. Admins will give  for each 2v2 map 5 civs to choose from and for 1v1 map 3 civs to choose from

Categories: The maximum combined rating for the high elo tournament will be 4100 elo. The Viper as 2500 could for example team with a 1600 and join the tournament or a 2400 elo player with a 1700.
The maximum combined rating for the middle elo tournament will be 3700 elo. Here a 2500 elo player could for example team a 1200 player or a 1900 with an 1800 elo player.

Format of the rounds: The tournament will run with a swiss system, where teams need to win 3 matches to advance to the knockout stage.

Prizes:In the HIGH ELO CUP the champions will get 400$. In the MIDDLE ELO CUP the champions will get 200$.



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