Win a place to play the Deep Waters Pro League Season 2.


Announcement & Registration Open. (Only for subscribers)
Monday 1st of January 2022
Deep Waters Gaming | DW Tournaments

Registration Closed. 
Sunday 16th of January 2022 at 15:00 GMT.

Tournament draw, live on Twitch.
Sunday 17th of January 2022 at 17:00 GMT.

Game mode:

Deep waters game mode 2.0v.

3. Schedule and round format.

Single elimination.

Single elimination.

· *Round 32 from Monday 17th of January to Wednesday 19th of January, Bo3.

*Round 16 from Thursday 20th of January to Sunday 23rd of January, Bo3.

· Quarterfinal 1 and 2 from Monday 24th of January to Wednesday 26th of January, Bo3.

· Quarterfinal 3 and 4 Thursday 27th of January to Friday 28th of January, Bo3.

· Semi-Final 1 Saturday 29th of January 15GMT, Bo3

· Semi-Final 2 Saturday 29th of January 17GMT, Bo3

· Grand final – Sunday 30th of January 17:00 GMT, Bo5

Round 32 and 16, random draw


The official list of maps is shown below. The map pack can be acquired by subscribing to the map mod using this link or by searching for “Deep waters map pack” in the in-game mod workshop.

  • Acropolis
  • Alpine lakes
  • Arabia
  • Arena
  • Atacama (in development)
  • Baltic
  • Four lakes
  • Ghost lake
  • Golden Swamp
  • Golden Pit
  • Islands
  • Serengeti
  • Valley

The map pack are created and maintained by Chrazini.

Registration is open, but only for Deep waters gaming web subscribers, Basic, league or Premium subscription.

Streaming is entirely open for everyone – requirements are listed in the rules and settings document.

All games, except for the final weekend, will be played in the week leading up to the weekend, meaning that most games shown will be recorded games.

Join the official Discord for regular updates, as well as game information for casters and scheduling channels for players.