Drunken Forest

Timeframe: 23/01/21 – 13/02/21

Tournament format: 4v4 – Black Forest

Maps:Black Forest

Method used to choose civilizations:

BO3: Game 1: Random civs, random positions. Game 2: Mirror Civs and positions from game 1, with each tier player matching the corresponding civs and positions from game 1.
Game 3: If 1-1, game 3 will be pick civs and random positions. The civs will be drafted using an AOE2 Captains Mode Preset. More details on civ drafts will be forthcoming and unique for each round.

Number of Teams and Players: 16 teams. The 16 players with the highest number of players will be designated as captains and they will choose their 2nd, 3rd and 4th player (the rest of the players will be divided into 2nd, 3rd and 4th category, depending on their 1v1)

Format of the rounds: Knockout. Bo3 until the final match, which will be Bo5

Prices: There’s a 2.600 US$ pricepool

Brackets: Coming soon


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