Timeframe: Tournament finished

Tournament format: 1v1

Maps: Acropolis – Arabia – Sand – Bedouins – Gold Rush – Land Madness – Mesas – Sunburn – Scandinavia
The maps will be played according to the order in which they have been chosen. Player A will ban a map, and then player B will do the same. Then depending on the format of the round (best of 3, best of 5 or best of 7) they will continue to choose or ban maps, as follows:

  • Best of 3: A(ban), B(ban), B(ban), A(ban), A(pick), B(pick), A(ban), B(ban), the remaining map is the deciding one
  • Best of 5: A(ban), B(ban), A(pick), B(pick), B(pick), A(pick), A(ban), B(ban), the remaining map is the decisive one
  • Best of 7: A(ban), B(ban), B(ban), A(ban), A(pick), B(pick), A(pick), B(pick), the remaining map is the decisive one


Method used to choose civilizations: Civ-Draft (Player A chooses one civilization, Player B chooses two civilizations, Player A chooses two civilizations, etc.) in the Best of 3 format, both players will have the right to ban one civilization each. In the Best of 5 format, they may ban two civilizations each, and in the Best of 7 format, three civilizations each.

Number of players: 32 players qualify.

  • Round of 32: Direct elimination – Best of 3 games
  • Round of 16: Direct elimination – Best of 5 games
  • Quarterfinals: Swiss System*
  • Semifinal: GSL System** – Best of 5 games
  • Final: Direct elimination – Best of 7 games

Prizes: There is a minimum of U$S 500 to be distributed among the players.

Brackets: Available here

The Tournament handbook is available, for those who want to read it.

*The Swiss system, applied to these types of tournaments, consists of pairing players with players who have obtained the same number of wins or losses. In this case, 3 rounds will be played, of which the participants must win 2 to qualify. The winners of the first round will face each other in the second round, while the losers will do the same. Those who reach the third round with a victory, will face each other, qualifying those who get the second victory.
**The GSL system is a system in which the 16 players will be divided into four groups of 4. Two duels will be played, and the winners of those duels will face each other, while the losers of those duels will also face each other. The winner winners’ duel will advance to the next round, while the loser of winners’ duel will face the winner of the duel of losers. Whoever wins this duel will also advance to the next round.


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